My history

I started out in multi-media in the early nineties with some of the first online stores in the Netherlands, the first online supermarket in the Netherlands, and too many CD-ROM projects to count. I moved to KPN for a few years to do the kpn.com architecture, before starting my own company. iPhone apps, Android apps, making a Raspberry Pi check the acidity of a swimming pool whilst receiving airplane locations, and working on medication safety for electronic prescriptions, everything is fair game. Since co-founding Radically Open Security I have made several radio appearances to talk about cybersecurity. I joined the IT Professional of the Year 2017 jury, and speak about cybersecurity to a wide variety of audiences on a regular basis. Since 2021 I’m Security Architect with the largest low-code platform in the world: Mendix.

My skills

I’m a very technology oriented guy… Show me a computer system and I’ll figure out how it works. It doesn’t matter much if that requires learning a new library or tool set, at some point you’ve seen enough of them that an additional one is quickly mastered. More importantly, I have a knack of explaining the technology to people. Making complex subjects accessible through understandable examples and metaphors. Speaking publicly about the things I happen to know about is where it all comes together.

My passion

Security. Privacy. Doing things right. Giving people access to the tools to control their own life.